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New Kids Catechism Booklet!

Beginning in 2016, our Children's Ministry will be encouraging all our children to learn the questions and answers in our New Catechism Booklet #1.  

Dear Parents,

     We are so excitedyour family will be joining in to learn the questions and answers to the Catechism Booklet #1.  It has been adapted from the Westminster Shorter Catechism for Children.   It is our heart that we support you in the equipping of your child’s understanding of our glorious God.  The Children’s Ministry at Trinity willbe introducing three new questions each week in the Children’s Ministry Classes each Sunday.  They will have tons of fun introducing, reviewing and even playing some games with these questions each week.

    I’m sure many of you are asking…Why have the children memorize a catechism?  That’s kind of “old style” isn’t it?  Please read these thoughts from those who have gone before us..

    “Catechism—-with OUR kids?” Years ago that was my response when someone suggested that we begin doing a catechism with our very young, very active boys. But, to my amazement, it was a truly wonderful experience. -Kathy Keller

    One pastor shared, “We’re building a framework in their minds of words and ideas and concepts, so that when we DO tell them about sin and the Savior who came to die for it, there is a way for them to understand what we are saying.

One mother wrote:  “We have several ways that catechism has fit into our family lives . . . some more successful than others, but we do feel it is very important. We’ve used a catechism for bed-time devotionals with our children. We have started and stopped memorizing catechisms as a family several times. And I taught it as a class at church for 4th/5th graders. The positive effect catechesis has had on our family is: summarizing God’s truths into digestible question and answers so that as our children experience life and the world around them they are able to understand how God has worked through time and history, how he will work in their lives and in the future of this world and mankind. As we walk through the difficult questions in life, the catechism is often the guide to which we are able to direct our children to the truths in Scripture.

     One key is becoming convinced that you are furnishing your child with the mental foundation on which the rest of his or her spiritual life will be built. Or, to switch metaphors, you are laying the kindling and the logs in the fireplace, so that when the spark of the Holy Spirit ignites your child’s heart, there will be a steady, mature blaze. []

    We pray that this will bless your children and strengthen your family!  Let us join together and train our children up for the glory of the Lord.

                Trinity Community Church Children’s Ministry

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