7th-12th Grade Students

 Who,  What,  Where,  When  & How  do we equip & challenge students & parents at Trinity?

Our approach to youth ministry is threefold: (1) Challenging young people to live for God and not for themselves, (2) Helping parents and children to build strong relationships, and (3) Equipping parents to effectively disciple their children in God’s Word.  

  • 1st Saturday each month the youth meet with pastors & parents to learn together from 6:30-8:30pm at Trinity w/ teaching & discussion & more! “Resolved” is the 7th-12th grade group.

    1. Community groups are a part of TCC Life. We meet to study God’s Word and grow on Wed or Thursday nights. Our Jr.High & High school students join in with adults in this setting & grow together. This is a great discussion & application time.

    2. Monthly Youth Events - Fun & relationship building events happen together!.

    3. 1st Sunday Morning - Jr.High & High Class - Emphasis on missions & sharing Christ.

    4. Special Events, Conferences, Camps & Missions Outreach - are offered throughout the year to equip parents & teens.

  • Jr.High & High Ministry Contacts:   

    • Josiah Durham (321-720-1861)

    • Alex Bowman (321-298-4395)

Coming Up Youth Events...

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Josiah & Lisa Durham, (Isla & Jude) Contact Josiah: ‭(321) 720-1861‬

Josiah & Lisa Durham, (Isla & Jude) Contact Josiah: ‭(321) 720-1861‬

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This camp is one of the best! See the webpage today!

This camp is one of the best! See the webpage today!