The Gospel and A Burden for the Lost - Romans 9

“The fruit of Paul’s anguish for his kinsmen who are accursed and cut off from Christ is to desire their salvation and to pray for them to be saved. Again, I say, don’t follow the reasonings of skeptical men here. Don’t say: There is no reason to pray for sinners if God is sovereign to save. Say instead, Because God is sovereign to save, I will pray for sinners with hope. Because Paul prayed for their salvation, I will pray. Because Christ prayed on the cross for their salvation, I will pray. Because I have grief and anguish in my heart, I will pray.” -John Piper

“Beware of over-simplifying the heart of God and the hearts of loving saints. There are more emotional possibilities in this world than you may think…Beware of making your present emotional possibilities the standard of God’s.” - John Piper

“If I wish to have a “Romans 9” kind of burden for non-Christians, I should become practiced at celebrating the gospel as Paul does in Romans 5-8.  Over time, my joy in the gospel will become increasingly tinged with grief, and this grief-stained joy will lead to a God-inspired passion to my ministry of evangelizing the lost.” - Milton Vincent