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It would not be too far from the truth to say that Community Groups are the life-blood of Trinity Community Church. If you want to understand and experience TCC fully, consider getting involved in a group.

The resounding cry throughout the New Testament is that Christ is building His church. He does not do this by saving men and women and leaving them on their own, rather He saves them to be apart of His people. A new redeemed gospel community!

For this reason we like to say that church is not a once a week event, it is a way of life. Here at TCC, the way that we seek to live out this new life in Christ Jesus is by meeting together weekly in homes discussing God's preached Word, Spending time knowing one another and being known, and praying for and encouraging each other.

We trust that as the people of God gather together around the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will accomplish much growth in our hearts and lives! We invite you to join us!

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Below are our six community groups in their general locations.

Find a group near you and contact the leader below.

Many groups have childcare as the groups generally last for 1.5 hours. 

Just in case a group has a special event, it is best to call or text that you are coming.

All Group Information is below.

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  Alex & Melinda Bowman               321-298-4395 (Alex) Wednesdays@Trinity  7pm     7255 Freeport Rd.,                          Port St. John/Cocoa    

Alex & Melinda Bowman              321-298-4395 (Alex) Wednesdays@Trinity  7pm     7255 Freeport Rd.,                         Port St. John/Cocoa


  Austin & Callie Williams                            321-360-2606 (Austin)         Wednesdays@7pm                                    1205 Ranchero Ave.,                             Titusville Central/North    

Austin & Callie Williams                           321-360-2606 (Austin)         Wednesdays@7pm                                    1205 Ranchero Ave.,                            Titusville Central/North


 Benny & Julia Boyd                     321-417-6700 (Benny)  Wednesdays@7pm                    6475 Grissom Pkwy, Port  St.John/Cocoa

Benny & Julia Boyd                     321-417-6700 (Benny)  Wednesdays@7pm                    6475 Grissom Pkwy, Port St.John/Cocoa

  Bill & Rose Plummer                             321-223-2238 (Bill)  Wednesday@7pm                                     355 E.Crisafulli Rd,                            Merritt Island    

Bill & Rose Plummer                            321-223-2238 (Bill)  Wednesday@7pm                                     355 E.Crisafulli Rd,                           Merritt Island


  Richard & Karen Riendeau   321-266-7242 (Richard),     321-427-1448(Karen) Wednesdays@Trinity  7pm 4260 Sugar Maple Dr.,  Titusville/South

Richard & Karen Riendeau  321-266-7242 (Richard),     321-427-1448(Karen) Wednesdays@Trinity  7pm 4260 Sugar Maple Dr., Titusville/South

  Tim & Kim Merwin                                      321-505-1692 (Kim)          Wednesdays@7pm                                      3441 Fox Wood Dr.,                    Titusville/South

Tim & Kim Merwin                                     321-505-1692 (Kim)          Wednesdays@7pm                                      3441 Fox Wood Dr.,                   Titusville/South

If you would like more information about our small groups, please call 321.268.8004, or email Trinity's office for more information.