WorldVIEW Weekend - Videos & Links May 10-11, 2019

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Worldview Conference 2019: When They Don't Believe - Phil Courson
Worldview Conference 2019: Laying The Groundwork To Build Your Worldview - Steve Page
Worldview Conference 2019: This Is A Bible...Now What? - Mike Tiland

Worldview Conference 2019: The Scarlet Thread - Josiah Durham
Worldview Conference 2019: From Ancient Scroll To Modern Bible - Steve Page
Worldview Conference 2019: Persecuted? Persevere! - Aron Osborne

Worldview Conference 2019: Comfortable In Our Own Skin - Tim Merwin
Trinity Community Church in Titusville Florida hosts the "2019 Worldview Conference". This conference was held May 10th - May 11th. Luan Nguyen bring's a message titled "The King's Blueprints".
Trinity Community Church in Titusville Florida hosts the "2019 Worldview Conference". This conference was held May 10th - May 11th. Phil Courson bring's a message titled "Evangelism's Character".

Worldview Conference 2019: Always Ready - Louis Tamburro

Friday Night - May 10

7:00 - 8:00 Main Session 1 (Tim Merwin) "Comfortable in Our Own Skin" As believers we are to be people of the Word. In the cultural climate of our day there is much fear about the Word. The result is the church today is afraid to speak the life transforming Word of God. In a very difficult cultural climate, Paul's charge in 2 Timothy 4 was to Preach the Word. In essence, Paul calls us to be comfortable in our own skin.

Friday PM Breakout Sessions

(1) Fairy Tale Fantasy or Transformational Truth? (Mike Tiland) This session seeks to answer: What is truth? If men wrote the Bible, can we really be sure that the Bible is God's Word? What about discrepancies and errors in the Bible? If the Bible is true, what does this ancient book mean for my life today?

(2) When They Don't Believe (Phil Courson) I thought I was “ready”, but they still don't believe! This session seeks to further root us in the Word by trusting in God to do its job while freeing us to do our job. Matthew 13:1-23 **ASL

(3) The Bible and The Modern-Day Court Room (John Stemberger) This session by John Stemberger (President of Florida Family Policy Council) is a  lawyer's perspective on where we have been, where we are, and where things are going in our laws and how that conflicts with God's word. How are we to live and think in this world as believers as the law sometimes opposes our Christian convictions.

(4)Laying The Groundwork To Build Your Worldview (Steve Page) Did you know everyone has a worldview? What is yours? How did you get it? If you have never thought about these questions, you might not be aware that worldview's are everywhere and they are influencing you.

Saturday - May 11

Main Session 2  (Aron Osborne) “Persecuted? Persevere!” This session will peer into 2 Timothy 3:10-17 and seek to ask: What does it look like and what motivates the believer to be "called to persecution and called to continue/persevere?" **ASL

Saturday AM Breakout Sessions

(1) Evangelism's Character (Phil Courson) I Peter 3:15 helps us to think about how we speak to our culture. How do we love people when we disagree about important matters? Why is it important to show "gentleness and respect"? This session will help us to consider that evangelism is more about character than it is about winning an argument.

(2) The King’s Blueprints (Luan Nguyen) Join with Luan as he helps us to put our Bible together by providing us with an overview of the Bible's big picture. It will include themes of: The King who spoke and created His Kingdom - The King was rejected - The King’s Promise - The King Redeemed -  The King’s New Kingdom

(3) From Ancient Scroll To Modern Bible (Steve Page) How did we get the Bible? This session explains the history of the canon. Answering, Why do we have 66 books in our Bible? Why do Catholics have more? What are we to do with new letters that have been found? How can we be confident in the Bible we hold? **ASL

Saturday PM Breakout Sessions

(1) This is a Bible...Now What? (Mike Tiland) This session seeks to practically take the Bible off the shelf and bring it into daily life. How do we study it and how do we get the most out of our Bible?

(2) Leading Discussions Centered Around The Word (Aron Osborne) What does it look like to pull out the Bible as a family, how do we disciple others with the Bible, or lead a Bible study?  This session seeks to give "practical" tools for those wanting to help others in growing in leading discussion around the Bible whether you're leading a small group of one or thirty-one.

(3) The Scarlet Thread (Josiah Durham) This session seeks to trace the theme of the "Scarlet Thread" (blood) from Genesis to Revelation in an effort to help us see God's plan of redemption as the storyline of God's Word.

(4) A Former Skeptics Story and Encouragement (Louis Tamburro) A former atheist/skeptic, Louis Tamburro, shares his story of salvation and helps us answer the questions many skeptics are asking. (It's an ancient book, why should I believe it? What's the difference between the Bible and other religious books (ie Koran, the book of Mormon, etc.) Aren't all religions basically the same?) **ASL

Q/A Panel (Mike Tiland, Aron Osborne, Phil Courson, Louis Tamburro, John Stemberger - Moderated by Tim M) **ASL

Main Session 3 (Louis Tamburro) “ Always Ready” What are the implications of "always be ready" from I Peter 3:15? Christianity is not to be compartmentalized. This session will not only help us consider each of our unique "callings" to be ready but also will seek to build our convictions to consider, ready for what and ready with what?  **ASL


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