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TJ & Lily Shropshire in Senegal, Africa

TJ and Lily are Missionaries with New Tribes Mission.  But more than that they are following God’s leading!  God has led them to Senegal, in West Africa.

"We are seeking to plant a flourishing church in a tribe where God’s word has never been.  We have finished training, and are in the midst of building our support team in order to head to Africa in 2015."

Below, TJ and Lily Shropshire share with their sending church, Trinity Community Church of Titusville FL, what God has done in their lives, and how God has made it so clear that they are to be missionaries to the unreached of West Africa. Stay up to date with prayer needs at

Amanda Evans

Amanda is a full time staff member at Teen Missions International. While not on a trip, her primary work is in the mail room. in 2014, her assignment was to go to Honduras, but a health issue kept her home. Instead, she served in the kitchen preparing meals for 50-300 team members and leaders. She has a huge heart to serve the Lord wherever she is needed.


Pregnancy Resources

These days, facing an unexpected pregnancy usually isolates a woman.  Her partner and family say it's her problem to take care of. Alone, upset, and unsure of her choices, she needs a place where the focus is on her; a place she can get the support and understanding she needs; a place where no one is trying to sell her anything as a "solution" to her situation.

That's why Pregnancy Resources opened our doors 31 years ago.

We care about women, and provide professional medical and support services with compassion and excellence. Most of the teens and young women we see are on tight budgets, so it's a real blessing to offer our services to them free of charge.

Our mission is possible because of people like you, who care about these women and their babies, and provide financial support.   Visit their



Josh and Sarah Adams

In the summer of 2014 Josh and Sarah led a team of 25 teens, 2 assistant leaders and their newborn son Titus to the mission field of Dalkey, Ireland. It was there that the team was able to do some construction projects.  While they were told they could not do much in the way of evangelism, the Lord had other plans and the team was able to present the gospel through drama, puppets, song, and sharing.


Don and Christine Ames

Don and Christine are missionaries with La Mission Inc. Their ministry is primarily related to the construction work that often goes on behind the scenes to support other missionaries, pastors, and camp leaders. Don and Christine have been in mission fields in all but one continent.  Together they praise the Lord with the work of their hands.


Special Gathering

A ministry within the mentally challenged community.

The heart of our ministries is our chapel program.

"A chapel service is defined as a religious service which is subordinate to the local church. The Special Gathering Chapel Services are religious services for the mentally challenged community sponsored by local churches. For many of our members, this is in addition to their involvement in their own churches. For many of our members this becomes their church. Including all chapels, between 350 to 400 people worship weekly in a service designed for them. They also attend one of 21 instructional classes which are designed for their particular needs."  

Visit the Special Gathering website.

 "Thank you for all your support!"  ~Casey Green

"Thank you for all your support!"  ~Casey Green

December 8, 2016 - Mozambique

Hello my fervent prayer warriors,

Our prayers have been answered in the most beautiful way! This is such a miracle. Five weeks ago during my first few days here, I met a Muslim man named Gildo. He asked me to bring him a Bible so he could learn about Jesus; and I asked you to pray for him. Since then, every time I've gone down to the beach where we met, I've looked for him and even asked some locals to see if I could find him. Sometimes I'd even bring my Bible just praying I might run into Him; but it never happened. Other Christian Mozambicans here have asked me for my Bible because it is both English and Portuguese, but in my heart I knew I was saving it for Gildo.

Yesterday was my last full day here in Pemba. A friend of mine wanted to go to a certain shop near the beach, and I asked her if we could look for Gildo one last time before we left. I packed my Bible in my backpack because I knew Gildo was concerned about his friends and coworkers noticing it and suspecting that he wanted to convert. As we walked along, my friend and I prayed that the Lord would lead us to people who could direct us to Gildo so we could deliver His Word to this hungry man. We browsed at the shop she wanted to visit and as we were finishing I remembered to ask the shopkeepers if they knew a man named Gildo. They spoke broken English, but they recognized the name and repeated it back to me. I nodded in affirmation, and one of them quickly whipped out their cell phone and called Gildo! He worked at the very first shop we entered! He wasn't there, but they let me talk to him on the phone. "Hi Gildo? This is Casey." Immediately, he responded by asking if I had a Bible for him. It was the right Gildo! He remembered me, and he was still hungry for the Word!!! I was absolutely astonished at how easy it was to find him. We agreed to meet on the beach, and when I saw him, he walked me over to some trees to try to keep our exchange undercover. The Bible was too big to fit in his bag, so I gave him my backpack with the Bible in it so that he could carry it home in secret. (I attached a photo, and in it you can see the bright yellow strap on Gildo's shoulder.) He had somewhere to be, so our encounter was brief, but I was able to suggest he start by reading the book of John. I told him I was praying for him and his family and that it was a miracle that I found him. He was very grateful. 

After we parted ways, I broke down in tears. I was overwhelmed and so humbled. I wished I could have done more, but I was so deeply grateful that God would use me and answered my prayers in His perfect timing. Even now, I am tearing up at the thought of our big, loving, perfect Father orchestrating our lives according to His purposes and desiring the lost to be found. I am so blessed to be a part of His mission across the earth. Only God could have written such an amazing ending to this story. But this is just the beginning for Gildo. Thank you so much for praying powerful, faith-filled prayers. You are as much a part of this story as I am. Please keep the prayers coming because Gildo is about to read the true Word of Jesus Christ for the very first time! May he never be the same again, amen!

Graduation was on Tuesday, and right now my team and I are about to board our flight to Johannesburg for three weeks of evangelizing in slums and ministering to rescued street children. Please pray for more God encounters as we bring the Light into the darkness.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for you and your partnership with me. I couldn't be here doing this if it wasn't for you. I know God could so easily use someone else, but I am so thrilled it gets to be me.

I love you all,
Casey Green

Good News Club

"Good News Club is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship in which trained teachers meet with groups of children in schools, homes, community centers, churches, apartment complexes, just about anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parent's permission. Each week the teacher presents an exciting Bible lesson... This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson's theme."

There are several opportunities to be involved with a Good News Club.   Become a club teacher or helper by contacting your local chapter and asking about training and opportunities.


2015 Short Term Missions Trips

India: Tim Merwin

"When I heard that my dad was invited to Ahmedabad, India, to mission with a group of pastors in serving some of the churches in that area, my interest began and a stirring began in my heart to go with my dad on this trip. It led me to ask him if I could join the team that was headed to India. He said yes! But I needed to answer some questions:

WHY do I want to go?

I really want to see what real poverty looks like and be used by God to make an impact.


I desire to help and serve in any way possible as we relate with the churches and serve them.


I hope to be able to see other places that
need the gospel and be a part of God’s plan there.

The purpose of this trip is two-fold. First, local pastors in Ahmedabad have asked that theology classes be taught to local pastors. They are in great need of sound doctrinal teaching so they can lead their churches into truth. They have a heart to pastor but lack understanding in God’s Word.The simple resources that we take for granted such as: books, internet access and seminary are not available to most pastors there.

Secondly, we will be assessing the possibility of sending future mission teams from our churches. Finding out what kind of teams would serve the area best and bring the greatest benefit: medical, construction, orphanages and other possibilities. Of course the greatest need is the gospel. Without the hope of the gospel, these people will die without ever hearing what Christ has done for them."

Ireland: Audrey Moros

"I have been accepted to go with Teen Missions to Northern Ireland! Our ministry will involve door-to-door evangelism, as well as assist in neighborhood youth and community service ministries.

We will meet in Florida for two weeks of intensive training at Teen Missions primitive Boot Camp. Classes in spiritual growth, Bible study, evangelism, music, drama, puppets, and construction will help prepare us for our ministry.

On the field, in addition to our work project, we will also be involved with evangelism ministry, as well as Bible memory, Bible studies, and special classes for us to develop goals and spiritual maturity. On Sundays we will share the Gospel through personal testimonies, music, and puppetry in local churches and the surrounding areas.

At the conclusion of our ministry, we will join other teams for Debrief - several days set aside for fun, rest, and relaxation to prepare us for returning to family, church, and friends. We will also attend classes designed to help us readjust to life at home and to get more involved in ministries at our school and home church. After this special time, we will return home to share our summer ministry experiences."

Pray for spiritual growth, financial support, missionary burden, good health, and traveling safety!

If you feel called to give, you can get in touch with Audrey at Trinity on Sunday mornings.