What We Believe

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Although labels can be misunderstood, there are distinguishing characteristics of our church that provide a window into the truths that define us:

We are Evangelical. This basically means two things: 1) we believe that the Bible is God's word and is therefore our final authority in all matters of life and doctrine, and 2) we believe people need to be saved by responding to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are Essentially Reformed in our theology. This means that we embrace the general tenets of Reformed theology, a view of the teaching of Scripture that places emphasis on the activity of God and the glory of God in saving sinners.

We are Continuationists. This means that we believe in the present day work of the Holy Spirit in the many ways that the Spirit is described and manifested in Scripture.

At Trinity Community Church, we are committed to holding together two things that are often viewed as separate: A commitment to sound doctrine and a passionate pursuit of the presence of God.