Mother's Day - Esther 8:1-10

1. Where are you tempted to live in the comfort of your Susa?

2. Because of the gospel, what reversals has God brought about in your life?

3. The biggest reversal is being brought from death into life, from separation into a relationship with Jesus Christ. What is the end all, or purpose, of your salvation?

4. How are currently dying to your comfort to achieve the purpose of your salvation?

Sleepless in Susa - Esther 6


“What about us? Are we as quick to spot the hand of God at work as were Haman's wife and friends, or as slow to believe as his covenant people? We ought to have an unshakable confidence that, despite all appearances, God will act to bring about the salvation of his people. This confidence should drive us to act boldly in faith. Yet the reality is that we easily get thrown by circumstances that seem to be conspiring to bring about our downfall. Surprising as it may seem, we can learn a more godly response from Zeresh and Haman's friends.”

Iain M. Duguid. Esther & Ruth

      Application Questions:

      1. How do you see God in the mundane moments of your life when God is seemingly unnamed or at work? Is he merciful, faithful, and sovereign?

      2. What do you believe about God, and His work in your life?

      3. Do you trust God when you can’t see His hand at work?

      4. Do you trust God when things grow worse?

      5. Why can we trust God in the background of our lives?

      6. On the day that Jesus returns for His people there will be a parade for the King. Where will you be?